Minister's Housing Allowance

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The Best Tax Savings Plan In America!

The Housing Allowance is one of the best tax saving benefits that exists for pastors. Every pastor in America, whether or not he or she is on salary at the church, needs to have a housing allowance designation set up by the church. By setting up this program, the minister will be able to save thousands of dollars every year in taxes. If properly implemented, any minister can exclude home expenses from his or her income. These home expenses range from rent, principle and interest, taxes, appliances, repairs, furniture and much more, so long as those expenses provide the minister with a home. It does not matter whether you own or rent a home, if you are a licensed or ordained minister, you can create a housing allowance program and save big on taxes.

How Has The Housing Allowance Changed In Recent Years?

Congress recently passed the Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act. The new act requires ministers to calculate their housing allowance using three different scenarios in order to make an accurate calculation. Though it has been around for several years, most ministers are unaware that they have been calculating their housing allowance incorrectly. This can result in severe IRS penalties, plus interest and back taxes. It is important to clearly understand how the Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act requires a minister to calculate the housing allowance.

How We Can Help You!

By allowing us to serve you, we can ensure that your church properly implements the Housing Allowance according to new IRS requirements. We assist you in everything from the board meeting minutes to the Housing Allowance statement. With our expert guidance, you will never have to wonder if you are doing things correctly or not.

How To Receive A Big Discount.

We offer a large discount if you ask us to create your Housing Allowance along with your Self Employment Tax Exemption application (Social Security).  Each service is normally priced at $199.00 each.  However, if you bundle them together you get a $66.00 discount.  Below is an example:

Normal Price   Bundled Price
Housing Allowance $199.00   Housing Allowance $199.00
SE Tax Exemption $199.00   SE Tax Exemption $199.00
Subtotal $398.00
  Subtotal $398.00
Discount $0.00   Discount -$66.00
Total $398.00   Total $332.00

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